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Jessica K. Haas is not only America's first female speedpainter, but she currently holds the record as the fastest performance painter in the Entertainment industry since winning ABC's newest talent show, judged by celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Jack Black, and Will Arnett. Jessica is a NATIONALLY RECOGNIZED ARTIST, LIVE PERFORMANCE SPEEDPAINTER, AND speaker. She CREATES HYPER-REALISTIC PAINTINGS at unbelievable speeds. 


New York magazine has named Jessica "the mother of the speed-painting movement". Nashville Today has said "Jessica is one to watch." Jennifer Anniston called her "amazing!" BigTenn Network said her show is "amazing to watch." Audiences have called her show "magical!"

"Witnessing a miracle in this day and age is a rare occasion. Some may go searching for them, but most of the time they happen unexpectedly. Brittany Maier is blind, autistic and has a rare and remarkable gift for music."

Bill Budris, Ability Magazine

Watch Jessica's winning performance on ABC's "The Gong Show"!

See Jessica in Action!


Trahern, aka Easel Cathedral, refers to his art as "experiential".  
I'm a storyteller. Capturing the life moving all around me, it plays like a song. 
Those who find me painting at that time. It's where we are, and we're sharing the air, sunlight, shade and laughter of that moment and place. 

When the painting breaths.

Gervais bridge.webp
Gervais Street Bridge

A warm sunny day in March down by the river walk. I made some new friends, as we all took in the sunlight reflecting off the water.

15 X 22", acrylic on gessoed panel
Trahern Cook, copyright 2018
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